Adrienne Dever


b. 1986, HK.

Photo by: Eric Bruton

Photo by: Eric Bruton

Hey y'all!

I'm Adrienne. My passion for photography started back in high school when I shot anything and everything I could, and I have been behind the lens ever since. I'm a native Texan, based in Austin and have loved every bit of living in Texas.

Photography is at the base of everything I do and I have fortunately had the opportunity to find a career in it. There is something about truly capturing a moment, scene, or even an essence of a person that make me fall more in love with this art with every click of the shutter. I like to describe my photography as 'Marketing Photography' which means a lot of my work is geared towards showing off a clients brand in new and interesting ways. The areas of photography I shine in are food, lifestyle and architectural photography.  I love getting to work with clients passionate and eager to show their audience what they have to offer.

When I'm not behind the camera with a client... I am usually still behind a camera with friends...shooting and exploring new places. I also love going to rock gyms, local pop-ups or workshops around town. 

I'd love to get together and chat about a potential project we can collaborate on or if you just looking for a happy hour partner, I'm your gal!